DCI Expands DataVisor Partnership for Increased Fraud Protection

HUTCHINSON, KAN. — April 18, 2024 — DCI, the privately-owned developer of core processing, digital banking, and fintech processing solutions for community bank nationwide, has announced the expansion of its partnership with DataVisor, the world’s leading AI-powered fraud and risk platform. Following a highly successful initial phase of deployment, DCI will now broaden the use of DataVisor's next-generation fraud solutions to support more community banks across a variety of use cases. This expansion highlights DCI's commitment to security by delivering comprehensive fraud protection across DCI's suite of digital banking and core processing solutions.  

Since partnering with DataVisor, DCI has successfully integrated and deployed the platform’s cutting-edge fraud and risk technology into its iCore360® core banking software, supporting ACH and transaction fraud protection across dozens of community banks. In the next phase, DCI plans to expand this offering to an additional 200+ clients in 2024, further rolling out DataVisor's technology to protect real-time payments and wire transactions. This enhancement marks another major step toward enhancing defenses against a spectrum of banking fraud, including application and identity theft, account takeovers, real time payment and money laundering.

"At DCI, we're steadfast in our commitment to helping our customers create a secure space for banking transactions with the most advanced solutions,” said Sarah Fankhauser, President and CEO of DCI. “Within the dynamic landscape of mobile and digital offerings, our goal is to protect every real time payment and transaction. Our partnership with DataVisor has been transformative so far, with their cutting-edge technology helping us to achieve that vision. The seamless adoption of DataVisor’s platform has not only streamlined our operations but has also enabled us to pursue an ambitious expansion plan to help all our community bank customers fight fraud effectively. We’re confident that our strategic partnership will drive continued growth and success through 2024 and beyond."

"I’m excited about the initial success of our partnership with DCI and its expansion of DataVisor solutions to support more banking customers in 2024," said Yinglian Xie, CEO and Co-Founder of DataVisor. "This expansion will not only aid DCI in meeting the current fraud challenges faced by today's banks, but also ensures safe transactions in the future as real-time payments gain popularity and become more susceptible to sophisticated fraud schemes. Designed to grow and evolve alongside emerging fraud trends, DataVisor's platform protects diverse use cases to support growth and better end-user experience by catching new and unknown fraud as it occurs. This partnership exemplifies our dedication to proactively combating emerging threats with AI-driven, modern technology, offering future proof solutions.”




About DCI
DCI is the developer of the award-winning iCore360® core banking software, plus iCoreGO® digital banking and fintech processing solutions for community financial institutions nationwide. We’re privately owned by our community bank clients, with several serving as board members and user group leaders. DCI offers private ATM network/card management, FrontLine teller software, custom data analytics, risk/vendor management, and more. And, by providing digital and Fintech deliverables that integrate with any system – even those of our competitors – we offer unique partnerships to both existing and prospective customers.
For additional information about DCI, visit www.datacenterinc.com or contact info@datacenterinc.com.

About DataVisor
DataVisor is the most comprehensive fraud and financial crime prevention platform powered by sophisticated AI and modern machine learning capabilities. DataVisor empowers customers to protect against future attacks before they happen by detecting and acting on rapidly evolving fraud patterns in real time. DataVisor’s adaptable solution and data-driven approach provides businesses with unparalleled protection in an ever-evolving digital landscape. 

DataVisor’s award-winning solutions and continuous innovation make them the trusted partner of choice for Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations worldwide, specializing in financial services, banking, credit unions, fintech, and payments.

For more information about DataVisor’s digital fraud solutions, visit www.datavisor.com.


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Marketing Director

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