DCI Ranked in Top 100 List of
Financial Technology Companies

IDC Financial Insights has named DCI one
of the 2016 FinTech Top 100 leading bank technology providers worldwide. READ MORE

California Bankers Association Grants Exclusive Endorsement to DCi

DCI has gained an exclusive endorsement from the California Bankers Association as the core technology provider for the CBA. READ MORE

DCI Acquires TeleWeb/TeleBank Solutions

DCI has acquired a number of software solutions from ProfitStars, including TeleWeb/TeleBank – providing new options for flexible, high-value Internet/mobile/voice banking solutions.

iCore360®...Your Core Processor...Your Future

The future of bank core processing is at DCI today, and it all revolves around you. iCore360° is the most advanced, powerful core processing technology for complete bank management available today. And all you need is a common PC and Internet browser. Intuitive and dynamic, iCore360° gives you the freedom you’ve been waiting for. READ MORE

DCI Calendar

DCI Calendar

Stay in touch with DCI events as well as conferences and seminars of interest to those in the world of banking. Now check it out ...
DCI Conference

DCI Conference

Our Annual Customer Conference is
scheduled September 10-12, 2017,
in Overland Park, Kan. Mark your

calendars now, so you don’t miss the seminars, free training...and fun!