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Mortgage Lending

Streamline mortgage services, manage risk and improve recovery rates

Mortgage Origination

Streamline mortgage services, deepen customer relationships


Bidirectional interface

Reaches into centralized core to pull customer data


Imports updated directly in Core

95% of data synced

Autocheck for changes during import


Deep integration with MortgageBot and Mortgage Builder

“The accuracy that we’ve been able to have over the years with the system is great.”

Greg Binns · President
First National Bank

Mortgage Servicing

Service mortgage payments, borrower inquiries, P&I, escrow and more


Flexible Payment Schedules

  • Integration with bill records
  • Unlimited number of schedules
  • Schedule types include:
    • Level P&I
    • Interest only
    • Principal and Interest
    • Multiple and irregular
    • Payment skips

Escrow Processing

  • Flexible disbursement capability
  • Automatic escrow analysis
  • Automatic escrow preliminary analysis
  • Ability to update all escrow records on one screen
  • Ability to run test escrow analysis on accounts

Payment Reversals

  • Reverse one or multiple transactions for one screen
  • Reverse all transaction types, including payoffs
  • Complete reversal transaction tracking
  • User-selected screen navigation
  • Reversed transaction following for easy re-posting
  • Exclude reversed transactions from customer view



Support of Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae, MPF-Xtra, MPF and private investor processing

  • Automated contra accounting
  • Streamlined payment to your investors' custodial accounts
  • Ability to automatically post funds to bank's preferred account
  • Dedicated monitoring

Delinquency Processing

Improve at-risk mortgage recovery rates


Supervised and Classified Tracking

  • Track mortgages at risk of non-payment
  • Maintain information related to mortgage risk
  • Track risk, reserve and borrower’s information and background

Shadow Accounting

  • Charge off and place in shadow in one step
  • Track customer and bank transactions separately after payment
  • Dedicated monitoring for both bank and customer
  • Easy payment processing
  • No change to customer look

Partial and Full Charge Off

  • Complete partial and full charge off tracking
  • Easy payment processing
  • Dedicated monitoring

Delinquent Messaging

  • Document all customer communications
  • Monitor and deaccession all documentation


  • Complete partial and full non-accrual tracking
  • Easy payment processing, dedicated monitoring
  • Control accrued interest

Collateral Tracking

Maintain and track mortgage collateral information

  • Unlimited records at customer or account level
  • Track collateral value, unique addresses and mark for tax reporting
  • Tie and copy records to multiple customers or accounts
  • Track review and expiration dates
  • Track additional collateral components using bank defined fields
  • Designate collateral, lien position and 1098 reporting indicator
  • Flexible search for quick record lookups

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