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image of a ledger sheet

General Ledger

Streamline all GL functions with centralized, managed platforms

Financial Dashboard

Gain flexible reporting and streamlined process for GL


Convert GL Excel reports

Generate them in an interactive format in the Core


See multiple report column views from single screen

See multiple reports from one screen and from different branches or departments

View multiple bank or branch level from one screen


Access account level transaction history with one click

“I have found DCI’s systems very easy to use. Add-in products work very well with the system.”

Becky Walker · SVP
Bank of Bolivar


Use automated payments and account reconciliation


Automate prepaid payments to bank-defined accounts


Automate account reconciliation


Integration into DCI's Accounts Payable system


Create, maintain and report on budgets direct from iCore360


Export existing budgets into Excel

Maintain data and re-import new numbers into Core


End of Year processing option

Copy actual budget used as new budget for new year


Pull budget numbers

Into the GL Custom report writer


Copy EOY actual budget

Including balances or projected (variation) budget

image of calculator

Accounts Payable

Automate payables to streamline operations


Option for cash or accrual basis


Create electronic invoices

  • For tracking with online approval

Online single or dual invoice approval

  • Automatic email notification to approvers
  • When a new invoice requires approval

Additional features:

  • Pay invoices using ACH, Check, Draft or Internal payment options
  • Automated EOY reporting and tracking
  • Automatic GL entries are created with the payments
  • Sales and use tax tracking
  • Ability to set up recurring payments (same amount and frequency)
  • Integrated in GL Prepaids

Holding Company

Serve parent corporations with core-based GL, transactions and reporting


Set-up separate GL's for holding companies


Process AP transactions for the holding company


Receive separate and combined reporting for holding company

Fixed Assets

Account for all assets with streamlined, managed tools


Trusted 3rd party integration includes tools to:

  • Maximize returns on fixed assets
  • Control inventory and automatic depreciation
  • GL integration and reporting functions
  • And more
image of a laptop

Asset Liability

Managed reporting from trusted 3rd party for informed decision-making



asset, liability and investment portfolios



multiple reports and scenarios on demands


Analyze & forecast

costs and efficiencies



data and reports

Payroll Distribution

Streamline payroll, tax and benefit administration for increased efficiency


Trusted 3rd party JetPay provides:


Self-service and full-service payroll services


Requires no capital investment


Mobile ready with cutting-edge security


Platform that enables banks to deepen customer relationships

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