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Competitive Pricing

No hidden fees or complicated contracts

As part of our commitment to community banks, we give you fair contracts written in plain English with clear statements of our terms and pricing. We’re owned by banks, so we understand how to deliver value to our customers through competitive pricing.

  • Contracts are easy to understand with reasonable terms
  • Contracts do not contain hidden fees
  • Adding or changing services does not reset your contract


We promise contracts, terms and pricing that are as clear as they are fair. Read the 7 promises that set us apart


“I feel like the DCI pricing for the product is more than fair. In the contract process with DCI, I like the fact that all the contracts mature on the same day, even if you add on a software product, it will mature on the same day as your original contract.”

— Wade Huckabay, President, All America Bank, Mustang, Oklahoma


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