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Card & ATM Solutions

Get core-based processing with advanced fraud protection and transaction search

Debit Card Processing

Advanced fraud protection and transaction search built into core


Fraud Protection

  • Falcon Fraud with SecureLock
  • Fortress with CardWatch

Compromised Card

  • Advanced transaction search
  • Manage compromised card list as a group

Card Maintenance

  • Part of DCI core rather than a separate system
Fraud Protection and More

Fraud Protection

Falcon Fraud with SecureLock

  • Score card transactions automatically
  • SecureLock alerts customer to possible fraud and can require transaction approval
  • Dedicated reporting for the bank of fraud hits and card scoring
  • Increases protection for customers and banks
  • Reduces loss

Fortress with CardWatch

  • Real-time analytics platform
  • Large percentage of our pre-populated rules in CardWatch
  • Perform analysis of POS, ATM, shared branch and more
    • At group and detail levels
    • ATM number, merchant number and SIC
  • Source card transaction data in real-time
  • Analyze debit and credit card transactions

DCI Fraud Protection

  • Gain extra layer control through iCore360
  • iCore360 fraud parameters
  • Set parameters rejecting transactions at different locations
  • Set start and end dates for each parameter

Compromised Card

Advanced transaction search

Proactively seek possible card fraud instances

Core-based compromised card system

One of only cores that has a compromised card system

Work compromised card list as a group

Freedom from having to “hot card” each card

Track customer notifications

Set closed card decisioning as group instead of individually

Create compromised card lists on the bank's determination

  • Pull transactions by vendor by date range
  • Place all cards on a watch list

Card Maintenance

Part of iCore360 rather than a separate system

  • All maintenance is real-time
  • Set travel indicator start/end date
  • Set temporary limit start/end date
  • Hot cards from one screen
  • Dedicated reporting
  • Track fraud, maintenance, card status


Integrated into Core

  • Directly from history screen
  • Attach required documents

Flag transactions

Screens to track progress

  • Chargebacks and milestone dates

Voice Response Unit (VRU)

Empower interactive phone access to your banking services


24/7 VRU for cardholders that is secure and fast


Activate new, reissued or replacement cards


Select or change PINs

Card Ordering

Create cards on demand, including credit, debit and ATM



  • Print blank stock, pre-printed stock and custom orders
  • Order cards on predetermined dates
  • Activate card by the phone number, ATM or POS transaction in Core
  • 7-10 business day turnaround for customer

In-house Card Printing

  • On-demand card printing
  • Blank stock edge-to-edge printing
  • No turnaround time for the customer
  • Part of DCI Deposit Account Origination workflow
  • EMV capable
  • Custom card print compatible
  • Printed from Core, no double entry of information
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Verified by VISA

A global solution designed to make online purchases more secure


Web link from bank home page


Extra layer of security for online transactions


Increased confidence in safe online purchases


Accepted everywhere

MasterCard SecureCode

Added protection to keep online transactions secure


Activation on the fly


Enhanced security for online shopping


Mandatory enrollment


Keep transactions private


Accepted around the world

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