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Our Promise

To ensure your success with breakthrough technology and extraordinary service


Our mission is straightforward: To deliver superior services and technology solutions to community banks that improve their profitability and competitive position.


Our business model is unique. We’re privately owned by our community bank customers, and have been for nearly 60 years. Customers sit on our board and lead user groups.

Our services are second to none. Our competitors are unable to make this claim. Why? Because we are customer owned and led, and because we collaborate with our customers as true partners on breakthrough technology and service every day.


7 Promises That Set Us Apart

  1. Private ownership frees us to truly serve community banks. Being privately owned by our customers means we are driven by the needs of our customers and never by Wall Street.
  2. We are not for sale. Because we are privately held by our customers, we are not open to outside acquisition.
  3. Our contracts are fair — and written in plain English. Unlike the onerous contracts, terms and pricing structures our competitors offer their clients, our contracts are easy to understand because they’re fair. We offer reasonable terms and deconversion fees.
  4. We give you direct access to our team. You are not an anonymous customer to us and you’ll always have direct access to senior management and the chance to collaborate in all product innovation, development and implementation.
  5. Our customer service goes above and beyond. We provide live support 24/7/365 with no offshoring. We guarantee a one-hour support response and have an eight-minute average.
  6. We provide the highest levels of technology and security. We are PCI DSS certified.
  7. We listen and understand because we’re community bankers too. Our unique ownership model and approach to customer collaboration makes us a more mutually understanding and responsive partner. We are committed to your success and satisfaction.


What sets DCI apart? It’s simple — the promises we make, the company we keep and the services we deliver.