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Our History

In 1962, two Kansas bankers, Art Collins and Nation Meyer, began a conversation about the future of community banking. Specifically, they sought to harness the power of technology to give community banks the same resources and advantages enjoyed by larger regional and national institutions.

Creating a new kind of company
As they crafted a vision of computerized banking services, they were joined by J.A. Mermis and Walter Roth and together launched DCI in 1963 as the first data processing company of its kind west of the Mississippi, and one of just a handful in the country.

The new company quickly established itself at the forefront of banking automation and technology. Noticed for their innovative approaches, DCI leaders were appointed to national committees that would go on to influence the future of banking technology in the United States.

Continuous breakthroughs and iCore360
Numerous product launches through the years established our standing as a regional powerhouse, but our innovative new core processor — iCore360 — cemented our reputation for breaking new ground.

Where others had fallen short, iCore360 brought the promise of an Internet-driven core to life, including enterprise-grade capacity, a browser-based interface and user-friendly design — all created and priced specifically for community banks.

Recognition followed quickly:

  • IDC FinTech Top 100 Technology Provider
  • 3 time winner of the BankNews Innovative Solutions Award

Client owned, client focused
Although the marketplace has evolved dramatically since 1962, we’ve stayed true to our founding principles of innovation, excellence and service. Today, we are owned by 29 shareholder banks, and we’re proud to have clients on our board of directors and customers who lead user groups that shape our technology and services.

Unlike large publicly traded banking technology companies, DCI’s independent status keeps us free from the demands of quarterly shareholder reporting that can force short-sighted decision making and threats of being bought out or sold.

As a result, we have a sterling 60-year track record of stability and innovation. We consistently receive the highest customer service ratings and are proud to have a nearly 100 percent client renewal rate. We are as passionate today as our founders were in 1962 to power our clients’ success with software, service and pricing designed especially for community banks.