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photo of Sarah Fankhauser

Sarah Fankhauser

President and Chief Executive Officer


Sarah Fankhauser joined DCI in 1993 and today serves as President and CEO, becoming the first female president/CEO in the company’s 57-year history, and the first female president/CEO among major core providers in the U.S. bank technology industry.

Fankhauser has been credited with helping direct some of the most significant DCI initiatives in recent history, from iCore360 to landmark business acquisitions and more.

After graduating Friends University in Wichita, KS, Fankhauser’s banking career began as a teller at a large DCI client bank where she worked her way to Branch Operations Officer. She joined DCI in 1993 as an Analyst/Instructor training other DCI clients how to use the company’s core processing system.

Between 1995 and 2004, Fankhauser quickly rose through the ranks at DCI in a series of promotions during a period of other management successions, reaching the position of Senior Vice President, heading the company’s customer support and product development divisions.

During a 2009 reorganization, Fankhauser was promoted to Executive Vice President under, then President and CEO John Jones, and also subsequently named Chief Operating Officer in 2014.