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How DCI supported a de novo’s growth from $3M to $256M in assets

Q&A with Becky Walker, Bank of Bolivar, Missouri

You’ve seen some pretty dramatic growth in your time at Bank of Bolivar. How did it all come together?

Becky: The Bank of Bolivar was a de novo bank that began 20 years ago. I was the sixth employee hired, and we’ve had DCI from the beginning. We started with $3 million in deposits and now have $256 million in assets. As we’ve grown, DCI’s products have grown as well. If DCI didn’t provide updated products to us, we wouldn’t be able to compete with the big banks or with other banks in our market. DCI is a vital, important product.

How has DCI supported this growth?

Becky: When we needed an accounts payable system, DCI built one, and they allowed us to pilot the product. We told them we really needed to know if a particular vendor had access to some of our customer information because there’s special things that we have to do in those particular cases. They listened to what I asked for, and they provided me with those fields so we could trace that information. Not only do they provide products that we can use for customers, they provide me with products that save time.

Is there a specific product or service that’s been particularly useful recently?

Becky: We recently acquired a customer that wanted to use Positive Pay. We didn’t really have any experience with Positive Pay, and we needed to have it up and running within 45 days. We contacted our account manager, and he made sure everything was turned on, the contract was signed, and even set us up with a test account. With DCI’s help, we had Positive Pay up and running by the time we needed to put our new customer on it. We put our best foot forward with our customer, and that was all due to DCI.