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DCI proactively seeks customer feedback through user groups & meetings

Q&A with Brad Gregory, Bank of Bolivar, Missouri

How does DCI demonstrate its commitment to you?

Brad: I’ve worked at other banks with other core processors in my career. When we started the Bank of Bolivar 20 years ago, I thought we were getting the Cadillac system with DCI compared to others I had used. And they haven’t proven us wrong yet. I think DCI is truly interested in our success. And they’re willing to listen and do things to make us better. By making us better, it makes them more successful.

How does DCI involve you in their decision making process?

Brad: Twice a year, they host user group meetings to get input on enhancements to their product line. They prioritize the different suggestions that come up. If a suggestion is mentioned by several banks, then they’ll usually take that suggestion and run with it and try to make an improvement or enhancement to their system. That’s one aspect that I find very important with DCI. They’re willing to listen to their customers. DCI’s annual convention is something I really like to attend so I become aware of all of the new technology and all of the new products and services that we can roll out to our customers. You get a lot of meat and potatoes there, learn a lot of things that are happening at DCI.

What kind of personal attention does DCI give you and your employees?

Brad: We enjoy having an account manager meet with us on a regular basis. They go over current products and services that are being offered. But we also have a chance to discuss any problems or anything that’s come up since our last meeting. They’re very active. They’re on the offensive to see what our needs are. I think DCI is a true partner in what we are trying to accomplish here in southwest Missouri.