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They really care about making sure their customers have the best products and services to
offer to the communities they serve.

Brad Gregory, President, Bank of Bolivar, Missouri

Online Banking


DCI TeleWeb™ Online Banking gives you Internet banking that includes all the functionality of even the largest institutions, at a value you won't find anywhere else, including the personal support that only DCI can deliver.

TeleWeb Online Banking lets your customers manage accounts, pay bills, transfer funds, view checks and statements, download information and much more at any time, anywhere.

DCI also delivers full-featured cash management options for your business customers and perfectly matched options for mobile banking and voice banking.

Easy-to-use customer and administrative interfaces mean you won’t need additional technical expertise or personnel to operate a full-service branch online.

Combined with options such as iCore360® Inter@ct:™ positive pay fraud protection and convenient online statements and images, DCI TeleWeb solutions help you attract and serve your most profitable customers with the least expensive delivery channel available.

Other Features & Benefits:

  • Complete business cash management
  • Real-time balances from single source
  • Balances correlate with all channels (ATM, teller, VRU, etc.)
  • Secure 24-hour access
  • Data mining
  • Customized for your bank and customers
  • Creates fee income
  • Effective cross-selling and marketing

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