We can serve customers easier, faster, better – with a little extra flair. DCI is a
relationship partner that believes in a high level of personal attention and service.

Tim Leonard, CIO,
Commercial Bank
of Texas





DCI was an easy decision due to the relationships they create, and the flexibility of iCore360°.

Jeff Ball, President, Friendly Hills Bank, California




iCore360° is a modern solution that is flexible, stable and secure.

Greg Binns,
First National Bank of Hutchinson, Kansas






DCI has redefined the future of core processing ... again.

iCore360° is the advanced, adaptive core solution for complete bank management that you’ve been waiting for. It’s the first core of its kind, and the last one you’ll ever need.

Superior infrastructure

Unlike other core systems, iCore360° is built from the ground up, and front to back, on the most advanced ASP.NET Web-enabled architecture and proven technology available from Microsoft, Sun, NetApp and Oracle.

There’s no clumsy front-end façade on outdated technology here. iCore360° is pure, leading-edge technology. In fact, the infrastructure that drives iCore360° was chosen for the prestigious Top 100 IT Award by InfoWorld Media Group.

No special requirements

And iCore360° requires no expensive, specialized equipment and no complicated software to install and maintain. All you need is a common computer and Web browser. DCI and iCore360° handle the rest.

iCore360° integrates your entire bank around a single relational source of intelligence and workflow automation that makes you more agile, competitive and profitable. And iCore360° easily adapts to keep your bank on the leading edge year after year.

Check out the “success stories” of our iCore360° customers!

Manage your information

Designed with bank clients like you, iCore360° gives you complete control and flexibility in accessing and managing your information to fit your individual needs. (Just read what our customers say.) iCore360° puts your entire customer experience – every account, every relationship, every transaction – at your fingertips.

You have complete mastery of your entire customer relationship and real-time balances across all channels.

Companion options

Combined with our leading companion options, iCore360° extends your service capabilities to attract and retain today's profitable customers and businesses with the services they want – image capture/exchange, ATM /card services, Internet/mobile banking, bonus checking, CRM, fraud protection, compliance and much more.

And, DCI partners with top companies so that you can choose from a vast array of the best
complementary solutions – and they’re all compatible with iCore360°. Unlike others, we don’t
limit your choices!

iCore360° Features:

Superior Technology

iCore360° is built top to bottom with the most advanced, trusted adaptive and scalable technology available in the world, including Microsoft .Net, ASP.NET, Sun MicroSystems and Oracle. It's not just window-dressing on older technology. iCore360° runs on a standard Internet browser that dramatically lowers your upfront and total cost of ownership vs. other systems. If you choose, the same iCore360° is available as an in-house solution.

True Integration Top to Bottom

iCore360° is fully integrated from the teller line to the back room and beyond, giving you point and click automation and access to all business intelligence at your bank, including forms, document images, reports, check images and more.

Native Windows .Net Development

iCore360° utilizes the latest development tools and standards for quicker, more cost-effective enhancements and adaptability, so your iCore360° system will always keep up with you, and keep you ahead of the competition.

Single Relational Database

The iCore360° Oracle database is the leading, most secure database in the world. This centralized, relational structure gives you the power to seamlessly – and simultaneously – access and act on all of your bank’s business intelligence from one data source, including entire customer relationships, performance, and profitability, with the click of a mouse. This single data source gives you access to every field of information stored in iCore360°, eliminates redundant records, and ensures data integrity.

Increased efficiency

iCore360° helps you reduce staffing requirements by automating tasks and eliminating redundancies. And, iCore360°’s Business Intelligence improves the quality of your data analysis and reporting so you can make better decisions faster and maximize your bank’s performance.

System security

iCore360° manages even the most stringent security requirements with bullet-proof networking and flexible set-up features, such as multi-layer authentication security by group, user and screen, and detailed, searchable multi-level auditing.

iCore360° Benefits:

Take a look at just some of the many advanced features in iCore360°:
  • Fully .Net Web designed and delivered
  • No client software – just an ordinary browser
  • Automatic system updates
  • Less equipment to install or maintain
  • Access to the iCore360° Report Library
  • Quicker response times in high latency networks
  • Virtually unlimited screen development and enhancement possibilities
  • Dynamic graphical analysis capability (interactive charts, sorting, etc.)
  • One-click access to account/transaction detail from columns, graphs
  • Fully encrypted communications point-to-point
  • Ability to make system-wide changes quickly and easily
  • Inquiry access auditing and user-activity tracing
  • User-defined security roles
  • Streamlined and immediate disaster recovery capabilities
  • Ability to email customers directly from information link
  • Function and sub-function security
  • Hyperlinks connected to ticklers, etc., to replace drill-down method
  • Direct email link to DCI support
  • Multiple user role assignment capabilities
  • Ability to cut and paste screen information to other applications
  • Highlighting user changes
  • XML interfacing capabilities
  • And more...

Now, call us to find out how iCore360° can maximize your operations and take your bank to new levels of service, efficiency and profitability.