DCI was awesome at explaining exactly what we needed to do to optimize some of our key issues! They
further shadowed to confirm that the changes were correct. The DCI educator has been an excellent
point of contact and an excellent trainer!


Debra Arai, AAP
Assistant Vice President,
Thurston First Bank,



We are very pleased with the training we received. Everything went well and we
learned a lot. The trainer did a great job.


AVP, Technology

DCI University



Education Resource Guide (pdf)

As part of DCI’s full customer support, our experienced instructors can help your bank realize the full potential of iCore360® and other DCI solutions through DCI University.

We conduct hundreds of training sessions on a regular basis across the nation at customer locations, our education facilities and the annual customer conference, and even online, educating hundreds of clients each year.

DCI University Online Campus offers self-paced training from the convenience of your own computer. Through this innovative program, you’ll receive comprehensive education and training on iCore360°– for FREE – directly from within iCore360°.

Better iCore Banking Through Higher Learning

Using iCore360° proficiently can make a big difference in the efficiency, service and profitability of your bank. And the quickest route to mastering iCore360° is through specialized training from DCI education professionals.

Check out our Education Resource Guide for information on classes available.

Online Campus ... On Your Schedule

You already know that DCI University delivers great training through our scheduled,
in-person or online classes. But what if you want to take an iCore360° class and the scheduled time just doesn’t work for you? DCI University Online Campus is the answer.

This innovative web-enabled campus of higher iCore360° learning offers you self-paced training ... on your schedule ... from the convenience of your own computer ... for FREE!

You have online access to a wealth of video-based, interactive courses on all aspects of iCore360° directly from within iCore360°.

Comprehensive Instruction

Each online course is designed the same as our in-person training, and narrated by an experienced DCI instructor. Easy-to-follow videos demonstrate the use of actual iCore360° screens.

With the DCI University Online Campus, you can take a course as often as you like and play, pause or rewind to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

Check out the online classes in our Education Resource Guide.

DCI University will help you learn what you want, when you want. Take your iCore360° expertise to the next level and give you and your bank a competitive edge by using this incredible learning tool from DCI.

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