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DCI is the best partner a community bank can have... bankers helping bankers.

Keith Jones,
President and CEO,
Angelina Savings Bank, Texas






iCore360° gives us real-time access to customer information and drastically simplifies normally
time-consuming processes.

Laurie Leighty, Senior VP, American Riviera Bank, California

DCI Teller


DCI Teller™ is your key to a completely intuitive and automated teller line that increases productivity, enhances customer service, and reduces costs. And, it’s easy to use.

Fully integrated with iCore360®, DCI Teller increases the speed and accuracy of your front line customer service, handles multiple transactions with one easy screen, and is fully customized to meet your specific needs.

DCI Teller empowers your bank:

  • Protects you by dynamically monitoring teller activity to prevent unauthorized transactions and ensure compliance
  • Stops check fraud cold at the teller line before any money leaves the bank, using our exclusive, integrated Inter@ct: Positive Pay™ option
  • Automatically identifies, tracks and manages Bank Secrecy Act compliance, including
    automated form completion and reporting, using our exclusive BSA Navigator™ option
  • Enables your tellers to perform complete, end-to-end item capture, proofing and
    balancing with just a few clicks — directly from the teller line — saving your bank valuable time and money using our exclusive Proof21™ option
  • Gives you robust yet easy system administration and management tools, including the ability to define and change transactions and authorizations, perform powerful transaction research and create unlimited reporting

Take a close look at other DCI Teller features:

  • Easy multiple transaction-handling on a single screen
  • Aggregate across branches
  • Electronic journal providing daily audit trail of transactions to simplify balancing and research
  • Collection of marketing data
  • Currency transaction reporting
  • Transaction changed or defined on request
  • Fast transaction search
  • Context-sensitive help
  • Customized marketing messages
  • User-defined transaction menus
  • Floating teller and floating cash
  • Alert messages from iCore360° at customer or account level
  • Integrated calculators (standard and denomination)
  • Data validation rules and supervisor override capabilities
  • Customer verification (account, photo ID, signature)
  • Store and forward for off-line usage
  • Bond redemption and 1099 reporting
  • Teller management tools to view teller balances and total bank balance and transaction view
  • Hardware integrated with all major brands of printers, keyboards and dispensers

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