About Us

We appreciate everything you all have done
for us. That (service) is what sets DCI apart from the others.

Candace Wolke,
Market President,
Vintage Bank, Kansas

About Us

A Core Provider You Can Trust

The DCI Difference in Core Banking

Established in 1963, DCI is one of the most trusted, experienced and innovative developers of bank core processing technology today. Watch the DCI Difference Video on YouTube!

The latest release of our award-winning iCore360°® core processing and bank management software leads the way in advanced Web-based core technology. With iCore360° and our full range of companion options, DCI covers all aspects of your banking operations for greater efficiency, profitability and customer satisfaction.

But more than leading bank technology, DCI is truly unique as a company.

Read about our selection for the 2009 Top 100 IT Awards by InfoWorld Media Group.

American Banker and BAI have named DCI one of the FinTech Forward Top 100 leading bank providers worldwide. Read more.


Read about our Innovative Solutions Award from BankNews.

How We’re Different

DCI has always been an independent, privately-owned company that focuses solely on creating superior core bank technology. We are owned by many of our client banks, with several customers serving as board members and active user-group leaders.

What the DCI Difference Means to You

It means you finally have a voice with a core provider that listens. It means you get banker-driven software and services from a company you can trust to be more concerned about your needs – not stock market expectations.

It means no mergers or acquisitions that send you and your customers into chaos.


It also means DCI is more flexible, with the agility to create innovative products at a rapid pace.

We deliver the current technology you want and need, when and how you need it. No more waiting several years for a request that’s never answered. It means you have a core technology company focused on only one goal: doing what is best for you.

Our Professionals

DCI bank technology products and services are developed, delivered and supported by nearly 300 highly trained banking professionals, technicians and engineers with extensive, certified expertise. Our customers agree that DCI people deliver the best support and personal attention. Just read what some of our customers say about DCI.

A More Personal, Rewarding Experience

DCI is about more than superior bank technology. It’s about the total return on your core investment. It’s about bank-driven ownership and collaborating with you to achieve more meaningful solutions. It’s about personal attention 24/7. Bringing you the best technology supported by the best service is our sole corporate focus and passion – our only priority. Maybe that’s why we enjoy a near-100-percent client renewal rate year after year.

Who we serve

Hundreds of community banks of all sizes from coast to coast trust DCI to keep them ahead of ever-changing technology needs. That includes sophisticated, customized core banking software ... 24/7 live support ... a Teflon-smooth conversion ... plus extensive, ongoing training and education through DCI University. And when you’re ahead, you’re more competitive!

DCI Mission Statement


Our mission is to develop superior technology solutions and services that improve the profitability and competitive position of our customers.

We honor this mission every day through innovative development, a close connection and responsibility to our customers, and a strong ethical approach to service and support.

We remember who the real owners of the company are, and we know DCI is only as strong and successful as our customers. At DCI, employees and customers are all part of the same family ... together. And it shows.

Call today to see how DCI can make your bank more efficient, competitive ... and profitable!